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Wellness Center Vector Graphic

Jun 03, 2013 | Flowers and Swirls, Conceptual, Backgrounds

Wellness Center Vector Graphic — massage stone, lavender, message, sticker, purple, flower, health, flyer, logo, spa
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Designed for spas and other health-centric businesses, this graphic uses soothing themes to deliver a serene message. A round lavender background sets the calm tone, while the text sits in the center of the graphic in white and black. The relaxed script font has a somewhat elegant look. A floral array of creamy petals rests on the left side of the image, showing your business's healthy approach through a recognizable natural symbol. A black massage stone sits against the background, and a large, translucent flower fills the space behind the text to complete the effect.

background, center, flower, flyer, health, lavender, logo, massage stone, message, purple, spa, sticker, vector, wellness

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