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Vintage Labels Vector Graphic

Sep 26, 2013 | Design Elements, Backgrounds, Frames and Banners, Most Popular

Vintage Labels Vector Graphic — a advertisement, products, discount, premium, quality, retro, label, badge, cute
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Your customers should see the clear benefits of your products or services, and these vintage badges are ideal for presenting your business's best features. Each of the labels presents a message in a classic style, with a key word emphasized. For example, the first badge highlights the word "premium," drawing attention with a large pink banner. It's an excellent way to build value, as your viewers will instantly remember the targeted phrase. The calm colors mimic the palette of older advertisements. All of the designs have retro borders and 1950s-inspired fonts, which add a touch of kitsch while maintaining a hip look.

a advertisement, background, badge, cute, discount, label, labels, premium, products, quality, retro, sign, vector, vintage

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